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Taylor 200 Computer Science Laboratory

Taylor 205 Computer Science Laboratory



Computer Science Laboratory Taylor 200

A 15-seat Mac Pro Laboratory with Windows XP virtual machines is maintained for the Computer Science program in Taylor Hall 200. The CS lab is supported with an Apple Xserv administrative server.



Fall Semester 2014 CS Lab Schedule

Time  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 CS 102 Byrnes   CS 102 Byrnes   CS 102 Byrnes
9:30 CS 102 Byrnes   CS 102 Byrnes   CS 102 Byrnes
10:00 CS 320 Byrnes   CS 320 Byrnes   CS 320 Byrnes
10:30 CS 320 Byrnes   CS 320 Byrnes   CS 320 Byrnes
11:00 CS 120 Byrnes   CS 120 Byrnes   CS 120 Byrnes
11:30 CS 120 Byrnes   CS 120 Byrnes   CS 120 Byrnes
12:00 CS 212 Visa   CS 212 Visa   CS 212 Visa
12:30 CS 212 Visa   CS 212 Visa   CS 212 Visa
1:00     CS 120 LAB    
2:00     CS 120 LAB    
3:00     CS 120 LAB  



4-6 PM     C S279    

PC Laboratory/SMART Classroom

Taylor 210, a 13-seat Windows XP laboratory, utilizes SMART board technology. The SMART Board is a touch sensitive display that connects to a computer and/or digital projector to show computer images and applications, documents, and notes in digital ink. A user may use his or her finger, pen or mouse to navigate on the display, the same way as you would navigate using a computer mouse. With a SMART Board, you can write, draw, and annotate over any application or screen and save any notes made for later use. You can capture screenshots from the board and save them as printouts, or save a digital copy for editing or save directly into several software applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.

All of the facilities are used extensively in department courses and Independent Study to give students broad exposure to a variety of equipment.