French & Francophone Studies

An abundance of riches

Did you know that there are some 220 million French speakers in the world today and that French is an official language in 28 countries? The Department of French and Francophone Studies at Wooster offers students the opportunity to develop high proficiency in French, while learning about the cultures, literatures, and histories of French-speaking countries.

Why Wooster?

  • Chart your own course. Students can tailor the major to their specific interests, focusing on literature, film, culture, history, language and linguistics, or foreign language education. All departmental faculty members practice and embrace interdisciplinarity. Independent Study projects take many different forms, depending on student goals and interests.
  • Community. Our vibrant community extends from our classrooms to other venues on campus, such as the Maison Française, where residents and other students enjoy weekly social gatherings and cultural events. An assistant from France or another francophone country lives in the Maison Française and helps to coordinate cultural programming. Students and faculty come together to have lunch and converse in French each Wednesday at French Table. In addition, students also gather together on Monday evenings to have dinner and conversation in French.
  • Connections. Students generally find that a major in French and Francophone Studies can connect in exciting ways to other areas of interest. A number of students choose to pursue a double major, combining their work in French and Francophone Studies with studies in disciplines such as international relations, history, Spanish, English, comparative literature, studio art, art history, anthropology, sociology, or psychology.
  • The power of study abroad. Almost all majors study abroad (.pdf) for a semester or a full year to improve their fluency and to immerse themselves in a Francophone society and culture. Study abroad experiences inform students' work towards the major, and often provide ideas and inspiration for Senior Independent Study projects.
  • Broad horizons. Students can expect to come out of our program with honed analytical and writing skills, strong cross-cultural and communicative abilities, and detailed knowledge of francophone cultures and societies. French and Francophone studies can prepare students for future careers in a wide variety of fields, including journalism, publishing, business, diplomacy, banking, law, and careers with international organizations. Some majors choose to pursue careers in teaching. Alumni have completed graduate or professional degrees at schools such as Yale, NYU, Harvard, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and the University of Toronto.