2014-2015 Geology Club

2015-2016 Geology Club


Geology Events

Geology Club Schedule 2015-2016

Geology Club is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 205, unless otherwise stated. GeoClub Lunch will follow in Lowry Center rooms 250-251.

Date      Event
Aug 27 Opening Convocation, McGaw Chapel
Aug 28 Scot Spirit Day
Sept 3 Departmental Meeting and Annual Photo
Sept 10 Dr. Margaret Yacobucci, Bowling Green State University, presents "Cephalopod Diversity and Paleobiogeography during the Late Cretaceous" 
Sept 17   "What I Did Last Summer" slideshow
Sept 24 Maddie Happ, "Exploring new tree-ring parameters from wood density and blue intensity (BI)" and Michael Williams, "Emplacement Mechanisms of Lava Flows in the Ice Springs Volcanic Field, Black Rock Desert, Utah"
Oct 1 Kaitlin Starr, "Reconstructing Ice Dynamics from Forests Preserved in the Wake of the Retreating Columbia Glacier" and Eric Parker, “Long-Term Analysis of Water Quality Parameters of Glacially-Fed Rivers, Mount Rainier National Park” 
Oct 8  Krysden Schantz and Mary Reinthal
Oct 15 No GeoClub - Fall Break
Oct 22  Meredith Mann, Adam Silverstein, and Kelli Baxstrom
Oct 29  Mock GSA
Nov 5  GSA – No GeoClub
Nov 12  Dr. Craig Lundstrom, University of Illinois
Nov 19  Brittany Nicholson and Mae Kemsley
Nov 26 No GeoClub - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 3  Trevor Shoemaker and Dan Misinay
Dec 10 No GeoClub - Holiday Party
Winter Break
Jan 21 Welcome Back, Photos and Retakes, Preview of Upcoming Semester, Call for Nominations
Jan 28 Career Planning
Feb 4   Maddie Happ and Michael Williams
Feb 11  Kaitlin Starr and Eric Parker
Feb 18  Krysden Schantz and Mary Reinthal
Feb 25  Meredith Mann, Adam Silverstein, and Kelli Baxstrom
Mar 3  Brittany Nicholson and Mae Kemsley
Mar 10  Trevor Shoemaker and Dan Misinay
Spring Break
Mar 31  Dr. Jen Wenner, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Apr 7  GeoJeopardy or GeoFamily Feud
Apr 14 Dr. Patrick O’Connor, Ohio University, Osgood Speaker 
Apr 21  Jr. I.S. Presentations
Apr 28  Jr. I.S. Presentations
May 5 Jr. I.S. Presentations and GeoClub 4:00 p.m. Picnic