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Neuroscience is a diverse and interdisciplinary field that incorporates aspects of biology, psychology, chemistry, philosophy, computer science, and other disciplines in the study of the nervous system. Neuroscientists seek to understand the function of the brain and peripheral nervous system at multiple levels, from the complex processes that occur in single neurons to the expansive cellular networks that ultimately give rise to perception, emotion, cognition, and even social behavior.  The goals of the Neuroscience Program are to provide students with the essential foundational knowledge, skills, confidence and research experiences that will allow them identify and meet their intellectual and professional goals.

Annual Report 2013

Annual report

Read about the activities and achievements of our faculty, staff, and students during the past year in our 2013 Annual Report. Included departments: Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BCMB) and Neuroscience. View now (.pdf).