Philosophy Events

Philosophy Roundtable Schedule 2015-2016

Philosophy Roundtable is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 004, unless otherwise stated. Roundtable lunch will follow in Kittredge Dining Hall.

Date Presentation
Aug 27 Convocation, 11:05 a.m.
Sept 3 Senior I.S. Proposals. Mandatory Philosophy Majors Meeting. Scovel 004
Sept 10 Alexandra Gustafson ('16), "A Solution to the Non-Identity Problem”
Sept 17 Dimitria Gatzia, University of Akron Associate Professor, "When Colour Contrast Fails: The Blue/Black Dress"
Sept 24 Brian McLean, Ohio State University Graduate Student, "Narrative Explanation and Emotional Transformation"
Oct 1 Sarah Loether ('15), Senior I.S. presentation, "Animal Minds, Animal Language"
Oct 8 Damilola Onakomaiya ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "How We Assign Content to Genes"
Oct 15 Fall Break - No Roundtable
Oct 22 11:00 a.m. Michael Long ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "How Should an Anarchist Live?"; 12:10 Evan Riley, "Understanding Knowing How"
Oct 27 Lewis Gordon, Tenth Annual Lindner Lecture in Ethics. Lecture begins at 7:30 in Lean Lecture Room
Oct 29 Ben Schwan ('07), Current University of Wisconsin Graduate Student, "Acting, Right, and Wrong: A Defense of Reasons Internalism
Nov 5 Thomas Ames ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "To Infinity and Beyond"
Nov 12 Jacob Caldwell ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "Principles of Food Quality and Criticism"
Nov 19 Melissa Griffith ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "Reality, Nihility, and Emptiness"
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break - No Roundtable
Dec 3 Michael Gyeszat ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "The Potential Contradiction within Immanuel Kant's Ethical and Political Philosophies"
Dec 11 Holiday Luncheon - No Roundtable
Winter Break
Jan 21 Alexandra Gustafson ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "Thoughts on Poetry"
Jan 28 Brendan Youngquist ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "Kantian Restrictions on the Possibility of Enlightened Experience: Finding a Phenomenological Theory of Meditative Mental States"
Feb 4 Alex Downs ('16), Senior I.S. presentation, "Placing the International Criminal Court on Trial: A Jus Cogens Theory of Procedural Due Process Legal Obligations at the International Criminal Court"
Feb 11 Warner Brownfield ('16), Senior I.S. presentation "Authorship, Utterance, and Meaning"
Feb 18 Professor Ron Hustwit presents "Aristotle on Courage: The Iliad - Then and Now"
Feb 25 Zachary Towner ('16),  "[untitled]: Understanding Ethics with Ontology"
Mar 3 Zackary Pool ('16), Senior I.S. presentation
Mar 10  No Roundtable.
Spring Break
Mar 31 Jacob Sparks, Bowling Green State University presents, "Can't Buy Me Love: Corruption, Semiotics and Commodification" 
Apr 7  Teresa Kouri, The Ohio State University: "Carnap as a Shapiro-Style Pluralist"
Apr 14 So You Want To Go To Grad School? Your Questions Answered: The Ins and Outs of Graduate School in Philosophy
Apr 21 Dr. Megan Mitchell ('06), Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Stonehill College; "Two Conceptions of Racism" 
Apr 28  
May 5 Juniors' Meeting