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Theatre and Dance


Theatre and Dance occupies a central place in Wooster's cultural life and draws on the creative energies of many students, both majors and non-majors. Each season offers students opportunities to develop their skills as writers, performers, directors, designers, technicians, or dancers. Wooster offers a broad base in the liberal arts on which to build a theatre and dance focus on the artist/scholar model. That model informs the department's wide-ranging production season and course offerings. The small college atmosphere provides a chance for close interaction with faculty from all departments and gives many students the chance to participate in both Freedlander and Shoolroy Theatres on campus.

Spring Dance Concert

Women of Ciudad JuÁrez 

written by Cristina Michaus

directed and translated by Jimmy A. Noriega

Women of Ciudad Juárez uses the theatre as a space to examine, reflect on, and speak about the femicides taking place in Juárez, Mexico, where since 1993 hundreds of women--including factory workers, indigenous women, and your girls--have been brutally raped, tortured, and murdered. Read more.