What Classes?

The Department of Theatre and Dance strives to develop our students as artistic scholars by providing them with a knowledge base that establishes strong research, creative and critical thinking, and verbal and written communication skills.

100 Level Courses (Introductory)

The 100 level introductory courses serve as an introduction to the artistic and intellectual foundation necessary to analyze, interpret, and create theatre and dance.

THTD 101 Introduction to Theatre Research and Writing
THTD 102 foundations of Theatrical Design
THTD 103 Fundamentals for the Performer

200 Level Courses

The 200 level courses introduce students to historical, theoretical, and critical perspective to the three texts.

THTD 201 Contemporary Dance History
THTD 202 Dance in World Cultures
THTD 241 Latina/o Drama and Performance
THTD 244 Origins of Drama
THTD 245 Feminism and Theatre
THTD 246 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
THTD 247 Latin American Theatre and Performance
THTD 248 Native American Performance
THTD 249 Indigenous Film

300 Level Courses

The 300 level courses emphasize practical application of theoretical concepts and methodology, as well as application.

THTD 30100-30104 Topics in The Written Text

  • THTD 30103 Playwriting

THTD 30200-30211 Topics in The Visual Text

  • THTD 30201 Lighting Design
  • THTD 30202 Scenic Design
  • THTD 30203 Costume Design
  • THTD 30204 Scenic Painting

THTD 30300-30312 Topics in The Physical Text

  • THTD 30302 Styles of Modern Dance
  • THTD 30304 Acting Methods
  • THTD 30305 Classic Pilates
  • THTD 30306 Choreography
  • THTD 30307 Directing
  • THTD 30308 Acting for the Stage
  • THTD 30309 Introduction to Ballet

THTD 30313 Theatre of Social Change