WGSS Schedule of Classes

WGSS 12000. Intro to WGSS

This course is an interdisciplinary overview of the discipline of Women’s Studies and the issues, theories, and feminist approaches to the study of gender and sexuality. It explores the meaning of the terms “gender” and “sexuality” in a historical and transnational context—-particularly through their complex intersections with race, class, and nationality—-and the political movements mobilized around these terms. Students will gain the critical tools necessary to examine how gender and sexual orientation are constructed in society and how these constructions might be shaped by individual experience. Annually. Fall and Spring. [W†, AH or HSS]

WGSS 20200. History of Western Feminist Thought

This course is a broad introduction to the history and literature of Western feminist thought, beginning with precedents in the middle ages and the early modern eras and focusing on the major thinkers of the suffrage movement (First Wave) through the Second and Third Waves of the women’s movement. A consideration of the impact of feminists of color and of feminist postcolonial critiques, queer studies, and queer theory on contemporary feminist thought concludes the course. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 or permission of instructor. Every three years; alternates with WGSS 20400 and 20600. Not offered 2013-2014. [W†, AH or HSS]

WGSS 20400. Transnational Feminisms (Latin American Studies)

This course explores how feminism is understood throughout the world and examines struggles for women's equality in both a historical and transnational perspective. It examines the relationship between feminisms in the Global North and the Global South, especially as efforts to empower women are impacted by nationalism, race, class and caste, religion, sexuality, and immigration. It also interrogates the complex process of globalization to understand why it is experienced differently based on gender as well as geographical location. Theoretical developments in transnational feminist and postcolonial theory and case studies of transnational feminist activism allow students to critically explore political movements to address intersecting inequities throughout the world. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000. Every three years; alternates with WGSS 20200 and 20600. [C, HSS]

WGSS 20600. Queer Lives

This course addresses a broad range of “queer” issues and the lived experiences of sexual minorities throughout the world. It explores major events in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, and queer political movements in the United States and transnationally to understand the social construction of identities and movements and how they have changed in different times and places—-often as a result of race-, class-, and gender-based inequities. The course also considers the categories used to describe same-sex desire. How do the Western terms used above help (or hinder) our understandings of the experiences of Indian hijras, Thai “Toms” & “Dees,” Native American two-spirit people, drag queens and kings, and others who do not fit “neatly” within single categories of gender, sex, and sexuality? Prerequisite: WGSS 12000. Every three years; alternates with WGSS 20200 and 20400. Spring 2014. [C, HSS]

WGSS 31000. Seminar in Feminist Learning and Teaching

This course is a rethinking of students’ previous work in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies through an in-depth immersion in advanced theoretical readings, literature, and personal writings pertaining to women, gender, and sexuality. The course is taught through feminist pedagogy and collaborative learning. The seminar is required of majors and minors but open to other interested students. S/NC course. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 and one 200-level WGSS course, or permission of instructor. Annually in the Fall.

WGSS 32000-32004. Special Topics in WGSS

This course is an advanced seminar exploring current theory and research on selected interdisciplinary issues in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Topics will be announced in advance by the chair of the WGSS Program and the faculty member teaching the course. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 or permission of instructor.. Not offered 2013-2014. [W†]

WGSS 33000. Doing Feminist Research: Theory & Practice

This course addresses the question of what makes a research methodology feminist. Through advanced interdisciplinary readings and short writing assignments, students are introduced to feminist research methods as well as distinctive feminist critical approaches to issues in the social sciences, natural sciences, and the humanities. This course is the equivalent of WGSS 401 and is required of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies majors and minors, but it is designed for other students planning to incorporate feminist perspectives into their senior research. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 and one 200-level WGSS course, or permission of instructor. Annually in the Spring.

WGSS 40000. Tutorial in WGSS

This course is independent research on a topic in consultation with a supervising faculty member. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 and at least one other course from Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses or cross-listings; the approval of both the supervising faculty member and the chairperson is required prior to registration.

WGSS 40700. WGSS Practicum

This course is a supervised participation in practical efforts toward understanding and/or working for gender equity; to be undertaken through approved placement in an organization in the community or a student-defined project addressing these goals. The work culminates in written analysis of the practicum experience in relation to coursework in WGSS. Students interested in a practicum experience are also urged to explore the Antioch Women’s Students Semester in Europe (Fall), the GLCA Philadelphia Center Urban Program, and make prior arrangements with a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies faculty member to count their off-campus work as a practicum upon submission of a reflective paper or journal entries. Prerequisite: WGSS 12000 and at least one other WGSS course; permission of the chairperson is required before registration. Annually. Fall and Spring.

WGSS 45100. Senior Independent Study - Semester one

The first semester of the Senior Independent Study project, in which students use the methods and perspectives of feminist interdisciplinary scholarship to pursue questions of their own design, developed within the context of their prior course work and their interests within the major, and which culminates in a thesis and an oral examination in the second semester. Prerequisite: WGSS 33000.

WGSS 45200. Senior Independent Study - Semester two

The second semester of the Senior Independent Study project, which culminates in the thesis and an oral examination. Prerequisite: WGSS 45100.