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J.C. Chandor '96
Writer & Director
Major at Wooster: Cultural Film Studies (self-designed)

J.C. Chandor is exactly where he wants to be: shooting his third major feature length film — “A Most Violent Year” — in and around New York City. Set in 1981, one of the most crime-ridden years in the More ...


Dekila Chungyalpa '97Dekila Chungyalpa '97

Priority Leader, World Wildlife Fund

Mike DiPaolo '99Mike DiPaolo '99

Executive Director, Lewes Historical Society

Carrie Phillips Gerard '94Carrie Phillips Gerard '94

Director, Eastern Area Community Ministries

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Richard Kerr '68Richard Kerr '68

Senior Writer, Science

Sarah Fenske '99Sarah Fenske '99

Editor, LA Weekly

Rick Dayton '89Rick Dayton '89

News Anchor, KDKA-TV

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The arts

Duncan Jones '95Duncan Jones '95


Jamie Haskins '85Jamie Haskins '85

Managing Director at The Wilma Theatre

Patrick Midgley '07Patrick Midgley '07

Actor at American Shakespeare Center

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Public service

Kim Krall '10Kim Krall '10

Forensic Chemist, Lake County Crime Lab

Deval Mehta '05Deval Mehta '05

Project Manager, U.S. Treasury

Andrew Bishop '05Andrew Bishop '05

Biologist, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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Zvavahera Michael Chirenje ’77Zvavahera Michael Chirenje ’77

Executive Director, University of Zimbabwe-University of California San Francisco Collaborative Research Program on Women’s Health

Jeff Reiter '87Jeff Reiter '87

Co-Director, Behavioral Health Consultation, HealthPoint Community Health Center

Ashita Gurnani '10Ashita Gurnani '10

Center of Excellence on Brain Aging, NYU Medical Center

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John Roscoe Swartz '91John Roscoe Swartz '91

Co-Founder & CEO, BUILT

Jamie Christensen '96Jamie Christensen '96

Founder and Lead Project Coordinator, WorldView Solutions Inc.

Umair Aziz '00Umair Aziz '00

Founder, Proximate Global Inc.

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Dave Fleming '70Dave Fleming '70

Group Senior Vice President & Corporate Officer at Genzyme Corporation

Stanley C. Gault '48Stanley C. Gault '48

CEO at Rubbermaid Corporation, Goodyear

Divya Thadani '99Divya Thadani '99

Manager of Corporate Development at J.M. Huber Corp.

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Amy Lytle ’01Amy Lytle ’01

Assistant Professor of Physics at Franklin & Marshall College

Danny George '04Danny George '04

Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities at Penn State University

Barton Myers '03Barton Myers '03

Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Cornell University

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Sarah Coffin '10Sarah Coffin '10

Archival Assistant

Bobby Vega '05Bobby Vega '05

NFL Scout, The Cleveland Browns

Pat Kindig '00Pat Kindig '00

Director, Digital Broadcast Operations & Social Media Marketing, Ohio State University Athletics

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Bilal Zuberi '98Bilal Zuberi '98

Principal, General Catalyst Partners

Donald L. Kohn '64Donald L. Kohn '64

Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve

Sally Staley '78Sally Staley '78

Chief Investment Officer, Case Western Reserve University

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Denise Reilly '75Denise Reilly '75

Assistant Chief Judge, Fourth Judicial District, Minnesota

Solomon Oliver Jr. '69Solomon Oliver Jr. '69

Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio

Laurie Kosanovich '94Laurie Kosanovich '94

General Counsel, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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Graduate school

Greg Norris '13Greg Norris '13

Medical School Student, University of Arizona, Phoenix

Roger Klein '11Roger Klein '11

M.D./Ph.D candidate, Washington University

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