APEX advisor working with student

Academic Advising & Learning Center

We support students by offering opportunities designed to enhance their educational experiences, improve their academic performance, and encourage informed and intentional decision-making.

Make an Appointment

Do you want to talk with someone about your courses, a possible major, or your educational goals? Stop by APEX and ask one of the student workers at the front desk to make you an appointment with someone in the advising office. 

If you need specific help with personalized strategies for enhancing your learning, make an appointment with someone in the Learning Center.

Or, if you need support in writing or math, make an appointment with someone in the Writing Center or Math Center.

Wooster 101’s

If you are looking for ways to write and read more critically or to manage your time more effectively attend Wooster 101 sessions to gain new skills. You can also gather information about off campus study programs and internships by attending a Wooster 101 session in APEX in the fall semester. Check the calendar and join us! It is worth your time.

Peer mentoring

If you are a first year or transfer student you can meet weekly with an upperclass student, assigned to be your peer mentor.  Students who have worked with a peer mentor report great satisfaction and success during their first year at Wooster. Contact Cathy for a peer mentor

Tools for educational planning

We can help you with your educational planning and have several tools that can help.  You can use these on your own or meet with one of the advising staff members to work through any of these tools.

Tools for academic success

  • Meet with your academic advisor more than once each semester.
  • Meet each semester with the faculty members teaching the courses you are taking.
  • Contact the Learning Center for a peer tutor in a specific course
  • Time management an issue?  Use the 24 hour weekly planner (.xlsx) to help organize your classes, work, homework and extra-curriculars
  • Organizing what is due?  Use the semester-at-a-glance (.docx) worksheet to help organize your big assignments and events
  • Organizing your weekly schedule?  Use the Weekly Planning Sheet (.xlsx) to map out your class schedule