Off-Campus Options

How do you want to spend your summer away from campus?

Dream a little. It is not too early to start dreaming in November about planning your summer.  The majority of summer deadlines range from December – March and some as early as November.

Summer Camp Jobs

If you enjoyed summer camps when you were young, consider working at one.  Summer Camps are looking for summer staff for the upcoming summer. If you are interested in a summer camp job, our job postings describe summer jobs available with links to each camp.


If you love nature and want to be outdoors, what about working in a national park?  Information on seasonal jobs in national parks, ski resorts, and cruises. If you've ever wanted to spend your summer working somewhere beautiful and a little exotic, this could be your chance!

JobMonkey - Summer Jobs

A variety of seasonal employment options in the United States. Search by location and key word.