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APEX Fellowships

APEX Fellowships offer structure and mentored support to students engaged in unpaid summer internships or vocational exploration programs of at least six weeks (or at least 225 hours) in duration.  The Fellowships include funding, a learning contract, regular structured reflection, a final reflective assignment and evaluation, on-campus reporting and ongoing staff support.


APEX offers financial support for faculty, staff and students for experiences during the academic year related to experiential learning and/or entrepreneurship. Individuals or groups may apply for funding from $50 to $1500.

Faculty and staff are invited to apply for funding to develop student experiential learning opportunities and/or entrepreneurial activities. Preference is given to applications that are hands on and/or take classes or groups off-campus.

Students are invited to apply for funding to support academic-year experiences related to vocational or career exploration and/or entrepreneurial activities.  Preference is given to applications that incorporate an on-campus sharing component.

Graduate Fellowships & Scholarships

As an academically strong and successful student at The College of Wooster, you have probably given some thought to your plans after graduation. You may be thinking of applying to graduate or professional school, or considering the prospects for employment. Whatever your plans to date, we ask you to consider applying to and competing for one of these valuable programs. Wooster has an enviable record of success in many of them, and we encourage you to continue that tradition.

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