Getting Started

To be considered for an APEX Fellowship requires proposing an internship or vocational exploration program. Some students begin this process with very clear ideas about what they’d like to do, where they’d like to be, and with whom they’d like to work. Most do not. To help you determine what you would like to do.

Begin with a series of questions:

  • What area(s) am I interested in gaining experience?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What skills do I hope to gain out of a summer experience?
  • What skills do I have to offer?
  • Would I like to do this domestically or internationally?
  • If international, do I have the language skills necessary for a successful experience?
  • How far out of my comfort zone am I willing to go?
  • Am I willing to make my own experience, or would I prefer to find an existing internship or volunteer program?
  • Can I allocate 6-8 weeks over the summer?
  • What can I financially contribute to the experience?
  • What financial constraints do I have?

Talk to students who’ve done a funded summer experience:

Talk to students who’ve received funding, hearing how they found their internship or program will give you ideas where to look, what worked for them, and what some of the pitfalls are.

Use personal contacts

Your professors, professional staff, people you have worked for, family, family friends, etc.- ALL can be good sources of information about topics and host organizations more specific to your interests. Career Planning and Interfaith Campus Ministries offer a wealth of information regarding internships and volunteer opportunities.

Do some internet research

Websites such as, ask you to put in key words, what issues you’re interested in, what locations you’d like to consider, when and how long you can do your project, etc., and will generate lists of potential opportunities and organizations. Career Planning has links to many internship sites. Finally, use the list of organizations (.pdf) our students have used in the past.

Speak with Experiential Learning Staff in APEX

The staff in Experiential Learning is available to be a sounding board and to provide guidance as you start formulating your ideas. All fellowship applicants are strongly encouraged to attend our events and to speak with a staff member one-on-one. To schedule a meeting with one of the staff, please email us.