Brenda Khor and Usher

An APEX Fellowship allowed Brenda Khor to intern with Usher’s New Look, a non-profit dedicated to engaging disconnected youth and helping them make career choices that match their passion.


Internships, Research, Summers & Breaks


Consider service to a local partner while explore different fields of work. To get started, contact the Wooster Volunteer Network, the College’s own umbrella organization that links College of Wooster students to volunteer organizations in the Wooster, Ohio, national, and international communities.

What is an Internship?

Internships are supervised short-term experiences in a career field which may be of interest to you. Internships allow you to enhance your skills and apply classroom knowledge to a professional environment. These opportunities are usually more substantial than part-time or summer jobs, and focus on the learning that takes place as a result of your site work.


Make the most of your Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks by participating in one of Wooster’s Experiential Break Programs. Wooster faculty and staff lead groups of students on short (3 – 7 days) programs to different cities and states. Each program uses the host location as backdrop to explore professional development, leadership skills, service, community action, and more.

Sophomore/Summer Research

Are you wondering how to become involved in faculty research right here on Wooster’s campus? 

The Sophomore Research and Summer Research programs provide opportunities for students to work as paid research assistants to Wooster faculty members.

Campus Jobs

There are a lot of hands working to making Wooster’s campus function! Consider working part-time on campus during the academic year or summer in different departments, offices, and projects. Human Resources maintains a Student Employment Office and posting list for your exploration.

Summer Seasonal Jobs

How do you want to spend your summer away from campus? There are many kinds of seasonal employment open to college students during the summer months. If you enjoyed summer camps when you were young, consider working at one by checking out the summer camp jobs. If you love nature and want to be outdoors check out information on seasonal jobs in national parks, ski resorts, and cruises. For other interesting and fun summer jobs, do a location or key word search on JobMonkey, which lists numerous employment options in the United States.