Does the College offer language exemptions?

The College does not "automatically" exempt students from the foreign language requirement based on a student’s prior experience with foreign language study. For students who have a documented language based learning disability, exemptions have been granted on an individual case basis. Students must meet with the Director of the Learning Center and present a petition to the Dean of the Faculty, whose decision is final. Any student granted a foreign language exemption must fulfill a two-course sequence in cultural area studies.

Is a reduced load available for students with learning disabilities?

The general recommendation is that all students register for four courses per semester, which constitutes a full course load. If this schedule proves unmanageable for a student, s/he may drop a course within the time period approved by the College without penalty beyond the loss of a course credit. Students are encouraged not to make a habit of having course reductions. They are encouraged to complete their Wooster education within a four-year time period and to take advantage of available resources to support their success.

Are untimed tests available for students with disabilities?

Extended time tests are available for students with documented disabilities and are arranged through the Learning Center with faculty notification.

Do all high school accommodations automatically transfer to college?

High school Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans are considered useful information, but are not sufficient documents for securing accommodations at the college level. Students requesting accommodations are required to provide documentation specific to their needs using the procedure outlined in the Students with Disabilities: Policies and Procedures manual (.pdf).

Do you have academic coaches?

Academic coaches are sometimes requested by parents or recommended by psychologists, but they are not available the College. The Learning Center offers academic management support once or twice per week with consultant tutors. The concept of "academic coach" suggests a level of support that the College does not provide.

Are students with learning disabilities eligible for single rooms?

The College has a limited number of single rooms, which are assigned on a priority basis. Students with learning disabilities are eligible to apply for these rooms in the same way that any student is eligible, but a learning disability in and of itself does not qualify a student for a single room assignment.

What services are available to a student with a physical disability?

Students with visual, auditory, or mobility impairments should follow the published procedures for requesting accommodations. These accommodations may include notetakers, priority registration, testing in an alternate format, provision of elevator keys, or assistance with transportation. Andrews Library has a workstation for students who benefit from enlarged text or text-to-speech programs.