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Off-Campus Study

Thinking about studying off-campus?

Here are your next steps:

Attend an OCS 101 session

These are informal sessions with the OCS Global Envoys to tell you about OCS rules and requirements.

They are held in APEX:

  • Monday-Friday from 11am-12pm
  • Walk-In Wednesdays from 1:30-4pm

Meet with OCS Staff

Once you have narrowed your choices to two or three programs, meet with Kate Patch or Jamie Adler to discuss your next steps.

For programs in the Global North (USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel)

Jamie AdlerAPEX 044A
Office hours: Monday-Friday 10am-12pm
Walk-In Wednesday 1:30-4pm

For programs in the Global South (Central and South America, Africa, Jordan, Asia)

Kate PatchAPEX 013
Office hours: Monday-Friday 11am-12pm

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plans to go off-campus.