Independent Minds, Working Together

Success After Wooster

Mastery of Chinese and the training in critical analysis of Chinese literary works allows students to consider advanced studies, job opportunities and career paths, both short and long term, in both the U.S. and China (as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore). Students may decide to go into such fields as education, government, international trade, banking, print or electronic media.

In the global marketplace, many businesses and institutions seek employees who have the language skills and background necessary to work in China or Asia. Careers in which Chinese is the primary emphasis include teaching, translating and interpreting, and the travel and tourism industry at home or abroad.

Most graduates who have studied Chinese at Wooster find opportunities to study or work overseas. Many teach English in China or Taiwan after graduation. Jonathan Seitz took graduate courses at the National University of Singapore on a Fulbright scholarship. Roger Gao '01 works for a German bank in Hong Kong after a two-year experience in Beijing with Morgan Stanley. Ted Burger, after taking more language in the Chinese Department at Peking University, is a freelance translator and a filmmaker who has presented his documentaries on changes in China at U.S. film festivals.