Russian Studies at Wooster is an interdisciplinary program. Students embark on an in-depth exploration of Russian literature, history, culture, and politics, and develop proficiency in the Russian language in connection with their other academic and professional interests.

A major in Russian studies consists of:

  • at least three courses in Russian language (beyond the beginning level)
  • two courses in culture
  • four courses in literature and history
  • three courses in Independent Study.

Students typically spend the fall semester of their junior year studying in Russia. Options for off-campus study range from Moscow, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl (with the Middlebury Study Abroad program) to St. Petersburg (with CIEE). The semester abroad is a wonderful opportunity to study at a prestigious Russian university, while living with a Russian family and exploring the rich cultural offerings of Russia's great cities.

Faculty and students in Russian Studies form a close and lively community. Students often live in the Russian House, a suite in Luce Hall, together with the Russian language assistant, a post-graduate student from Russia. Weekly lunches at the Russian Table, as well as Russian Tea hour and film evenings are events that bring the Russian Studies community on campus together. Every semester Wooster Russophiles join forces to help prepare a Russian dinner.

Students often double major in Russian studies and a second field like history, English, or political science.

The department also offers a minor consisting of six courses.