Faculty & Staff

Sociology and Anthropology faculty and staff

Christa Craven

Associate Professor; Chair of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Anne Nurse - Department Chair

Professor of Sociology

Kara Skora

Visiting Professor

Lisa Fisher

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

David McConnell

Professor of Anthropology (on leave 2016-17)

Olivia Navarro-Farr (on leave for spring 2017)

Assistant Professor

Matthew Mariola

Assistant Professor

Pam Frese


Santha Schuch

Administrative Coordinator

P. Nick Kardulias

Marian Senter Nixon Professor of Classical Civilization and Chair of Program in Archaeology

Thomas Tierney

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Heather Fitz Gibbon

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology (on leave 2016-17)

Setsuko Matsuzawa

Professor of Sociology; Curriculum Committee Chair of East Asian Studies