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Lambda Alpha

National Honors Society for Anthropology

As an Honor Society, Lambda Alpha serves to recognize superiority, providing incentive for exceptional performance by granting certificates of accomplishments.

Eligibility is based on:

  • Overall academic achievement
  • Academic performance in your major
  • Anthropology and Archaeology courses completed

Lambda Alpha Initiates for 2014

For Anthropology:

  • Parisa Rose Ahmadi
  • Ellen Mary Baird
  • Caroline Eglar Bilsky
  • Nina Rachel Breyer
  • Cole McKay Grabow
  • Allison Claire Ham
  • Mariel Wenzhen Ho
  • Morgan Elise Hughes
  • Cara Elizabeth Jacob
  • Devin Susann Barbara Johns
  • Emily Jean Kate
  • Anna Wynne Mazin
  • Michael Edward Ohsfeldt
  • Dominic Buchanan Piacentini
  • Molly Elizabeth Recka
  • Ashleigh Marie Sims
  • Stephanie Alena Sugars
  • Katherine Anne Vatilla
  • Zoe Elisabeth Zwegat