Scholarships & Prizes


Any first-year student entering The College of Wooster in Fall 2015.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of acting, directing, playwriting, design and technology, or dance. Applicants need not be prospective Theatre and Dance majors.

Audition Dates

Friday, February 6, 5:00 p.m. Dance Auditions

Saturday, February 7, 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Design & Technology

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The Edward McCreight Prize in Dramatics is awarded to the senior in the department who has contributed the most in dramatics.

The Cummings-Rumbaugh Speech and Dramatics Prize is an award shared with the Department of Communication which honors the senior with the highest academic standing.

The William C. Craig Theatre Prize is awarded to the graduating senior who has made the greatest contribution to all areas of the theatre program.

Earline F. Brown Scholarship in Performing Arts is awarded in the Fall to a Black student who has contributed significantly to the performing arts at Wooster.

Allardice-Wise Scholarship for Seniors (auditions will be held during the Fall semester of the junior year)

Actors: Present a speech from a contemporary play and one from a pre-20th Century play, on should be serious, the other comic. If desired, the auditionee may prepare a third piece to showcase a specific talent such as singing or dancing. The committee may ask for an improvisation and /or a cold reading.
Playwrights: Submit an original one-act play at least one week before the audition date. They should be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the script during the audition.