Department Chairs

Department Chairs for the 2014 -2015 Academic Year

Department Ext. Chairperson
Africana Studies 2044 Josephine Wright
Art and Art History 2546 John Siewert
Biology 2022 Lyn Loveless
Chemistry 2391 Mark Snider
Chinese 2438 Rujie Wang
Classical Studies 2624 Josephine Shaya
Communication 2030 Denise Bostdorff
Economics and Business Economics 2308 James Burnell
Education (minor only) 2424 Matt Broda
English 2617 Terry Prendergast
French 2400 Harry Gamble
Geology  2298 Greg Wiles
German 2482 Mareike Herrmann
History 2450 Jeff Roche
Mathematics & Computer Science 2037 Jen Bowen
Music 2049 Peter Mowrey
Philosophy 2548 Lee McBride
Physical Education (minor only) 2189 Keith Beckett
Physics 2214 Susan Lehman
Political Science 2408 Jeff Lantis
Psychology 2629 Amber Garcia
Religious Studies 2473 Charles Kammer
Sociology and Anthropology 2462 Anne Nurse
Spanish 2203 Brian Cope
Theatre and Dance 2543 Shirley Huston-Findley
Libraries 2483 Mark Christel
Curriculum Committee
Archaeology 2474 Nick Kardulias
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2557 Dean Fraga
Comparative Literature 2347 Tom Prendergast
East Asian Studies 2476 David McConnell
Environmental Studies (minor only) 2565 Susan Clayton
Film Studies (minor only) 2402 Deb Shostak
Global and International Studies 2169 Greg Shaya
Latin American Studies 2405 Rikki Palmer
Neuroscience 2215 Amy Jo Stavnezer
Pre-Health 2610 Paul Bonvallet
Pre-Law 2416 Mark Weaver
South Asian Studies (minor only) 2138 Mark Graham
Urban Studies 2308 James Burnell
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality
Christa Craven (Fall)
Jennifer Hayward (Spring Co-Chair)
Katie Holt (Spring Co-Chair)