Independent Minds, Working Together

Digital History Project

with Gregory Shaya, Jeff Roche, and Madonna Hettinger

General Area of Research:

Local History & Digital History

Project Description:

This student researcher would participate in a collaborative project in local and digital history: the Wooster Digital History Project. Our project is to create a digital (app-based and web-based) historical map of Wooster. We will bring together historical research on the people, places, and events that have shaped the history of Wooster and digital tools for viewing and sharing this information. The project was begun last year and can be viewed online. Students will work with the Wayne County Historical Society, the Wayne County Public Library and the College of Wooster Special Collections. They'll research individual topics to identify sources, collect photographs, record stories. They'll revise this material into a publicly-accessible form. And they will build a database based on the historical mapping software that can be accessed via the web or smartphone app.

Related Majors:

History, Archaeology, Computer Science, Sociology, WGGS, Africana Studies, English, etc.

Skills/Classes Required:

Responsibility, organization, and initiativeResearch skillsDigital authoring skills preferred (but not required)Video documentary skill preferred (but not required)