Professor Shelley Judge

General Area of Research:

Deformation Bands in Central Utah

Project Description:

This Sophomore Research proposal is a continuation of research in Utah. Research this semester will focus on several different projects in Utah, including: (1) a study of structural features within the Sixmile Canyon Formation of central Utah, (2) a study of oncolites in three different units in the Sanpete Valley, and (3) database management of petrologic and mapping data from Ice Springs Volcanic Field in the Black Rock Desert. A very brief summary of these projects follows:

  • For the past several summers, work has been undertaken on structural features such as deformation bands and joints in the region, which has a complex compressional and extensional history since the Mesozoic. Deformation bands and joints are common rock responses to brittle forces within the crust, and they can occur in highly porous sandstones near fault zones. Research this fall will focus on orientation and XRD data and comparisons between various data sets.
  • Research on oncolites focuses on the depositional scenarios required for their formation and growth. This project is a continuation of reconnaissance field work to the Cedar Mountain, North Horn, and Flagstaff formations of central Utah. Specimens have already been collected and sorted in the lab; research this fall will focus on detailed descriptions and fluid flow conditions surrounding of these oncolites.
  • Much data has been collected from Ice Springs during the past several summers. Dr. Pollock and I are interested in compiling all data sets into discrete database management systems, so that any data gaps can be geographically compiled. This research will aid in our planning for the next field season.

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Skills / Classes Required

Important components of these Sophomore Research projects will be: (1) a comfort level with terminology such as strike and dip, (2) the ability to learn a variety of plotting and statistical programs, and (3) the attention to detail and quantitative skills needed for significant database management. Please note: I will be looking for several students to split the research hours for these projects.