Wooster Near You

Admissions Staff Travel

Representatives from Wooster travel across this country throughout the year. Check out our travel schedule to see if Wooster will be in your area.

Off-Campus Interviews

Interviews are available throughout the year in many locations with an admissions staff member or alumni representative. Although the interview is not a required step in the application process, we encourage students to share the stories behind their application credentials. Your interviewer then becomes your advocate throughout your college search. 

Are you an international student?  Wooster staff travel internationally – please look for our international interview opportunities!  Not able to meet us on the road?  While it is not a required part of the application, we encourage international students to register for a Skype interview online. Please note that Skype interviews are only available for international students in their final year of high school who are planning to attend in the Fall.

Alternatively, international students may participate in an interview conducted by InitialView or Vericant (China only), which will provide the recorded interviews directly to Wooster for review.

Additionally, Wooster offers a unique opportunity for prospective students and families that is often overlooked. The College has a great network of knowledgeable and successful alumni throughout the country and across the globe, and we encourage you to meet with them for a casual conversation, a cup of coffee, or an admissions interview. If you are interested in arranging a meeting with an alumni representative in your area, please fill out this request form