Admissions Volunteers

One of the most valuable contributions Wooster parents can make to the College is to assist us in our recruitment of new and talented students. Parents of current students can help the College expand its recruitment efforts, contacting prospective students in their local area and hosting or attending receptions for admitted students and their families. The flexible nature of our program is designed to accommodate our volunteers’ busy schedules. More information about our admissions program.

Volunteers can play a key role in admissions in the following ways:

Contact Prospective Students and Families

Share your stories about Wooster through personal contact (via phone or email) with parents of prospective students. This gives you the opportunity to engage with parents of prospective students and to answer questions and concerns about attending Wooster.

Support Prospective Student Receptions

Host, coordinate, attend and/or provide financial support for a reception for prospective students in your area. We host receptions throughout the entire year across the country and on campus.

Refer a Student

Inform us of high school students in your area who you think would fit in well at Wooster. Watch your local newspaper for news of talented high school students.

Guidelines for Volunteers

  • Stay well informed about The College of Wooster by reading materials sent to you and by checking our website to learn about current events on campus.
  • If you don't know an answer to a parent's question, call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-877-9905.
  • Respond promptly to requests for parent contact and email us a contact report after you meet or speak with an admissions candidate.
  • Please let us know about changes in your contact information or volunteer status by emailing us.
  • Have fun meeting prospective students and their families.

Parents making admissions contacts or hosting welcome events will be matched with parents from similar interests and geographic locations if possible. Information and materials needed to make contact with prospective parents will be supplied by the College.