Wooster Fund

The Wooster Fund, the College’s annual fund campaign that seeks to raise unrestricted contributions that subsidize expenditures such as student financial aid and scholarships, extracurricular student activities, support for Wooster’s outstanding faculty, and campus maintenance. Unrestricted giving makes the greatest impact by giving Wooster the flexibility to place resources where they are needed most.

While the College is committed to keeping fees down, tuition only covers two-thirds of the actual cost of a Wooster education. The Wooster Fund provides the resources to bridge this gap by providing critical funds that are used where they are needed most. Gifts to The Wooster Fund are used during the fiscal year in which they are raised. Therefore current students benefit immediately from your generosity. By making a gift to The Wooster Fund, you can directly enhance your son or daughter’s educational experience this year.

Gifts to The Wooster Fund are critical to sustain the day-to-day excellence of the College. Just as household expenses can make or break a family's budget, the impact of operational costs can make or break an institution.  For this reason, the College asks you to support The Wooster Fund by making a gift every year.

As a Wooster Fund volunteer you can:

  • Sign appeal letters
  • Make phone calls for gifts from families in fall and/or spring
  • Send notes to thank parents for their contribution
  • Host parent donor receptions

Parents making development calls will be matched with parents from similar interests and geographic locations if possible. Information and materials needed to be successful will be supplied by the appropriate College official.