Development Committee

The Wooster Fund

The Wooster Fund provides critical financial support for student aid and scholarships, co-curricular activities and programs, and Wooster's outstanding faculty. Each year, gifts to The Wooster Fund make the greatest impact, because unrestricted giving allows the College to use resources where they are needed most.

Tuition and fees only cover about two-thirds of the actual cost of a Wooster education. Philanthropy, including endowments, gifts to fund specific programs and buildings, and The Wooster Fund bridge this gap. Gifts to The Wooster Fund are put to work right away, and so current students benefit immediately from your generosity. When you give to The Wooster Fund, you directly enhance your child's educational experience this year.

Please make a gift to The Wooster Fund this year, and every year.

Volunteer with the Development Committee

Volunteers with the Development Committee of the Parent and Family Association can help the College with a variety of activities. You can:

  • Sign appeal letters: Nothing is more effective in recruiting new parent donors than an appeal from a current parent donor. Parent volunteers share their stories about why they give and the impact of giving on the College in mail and email.
  • Make phone calls to ask for gifts from families: Parent volunteers receive training, scripts, and other supporting materials to help them make fundraising calls on behalf of the College. We will match you with other parents from your area and provide guidance along the way.
  • Send notes to thank parents for their contributions: Thank you volunteers send notes, email, or call other parent donors to provide additional appreciation of each and every gift. We provide volunteers with lists of donors each month.
  • Host parent donor receptions: Whether it's an event at Moove In, Black & Gold Weekend, Commencement, or a regional event near where you live, donor recognition events are a fun way to say "Thank You" to our most committed parents. Volunteers host events and receive assistance in planning and executing donor recognition programs on behalf of the College.

Please email or call 330-263-2687 to volunteer with the Development Committee of the Parent and Family Association.