When is Course Material Information Due to the Bookstore?

  • April 15 for Fall Semester (and Summer) orders
  • November 1 for Spring Semester orders

Dates may vary.

Why does the bookstore need my course material information so far in advance?

The Higher Education Opportunity Act

The Higher Education Opportunity Act states that the course materials list should be available at the same time that the schedule of courses is posted for registration and a good faith effort made by the College to compile it. The Bookstore is responsible for compiling and posting the official course materials list from information submitted by faculty.


The national demand for used books far exceeds the supply. Inventory sells quickly, so we have to conduct our national used book acquisition as early as possible.

We need time to communicate with you when books are out-of-stock, out-of-print, or when editions change. 

Processing custom textbook requests or bundles can take 6-8 weeks from the time the publisher receives our order until the books are on our shelves.

student sellback

Having your course materials listed on our sellback list enables us to pay the best prices, keeps used books on campus, and therefore keeps textbooks costs down for our students. Sellback is held during finals week each semester and only the books included on the official sellback list are purchased.

In-Store Rentals

To take part in our in-store rental program, all titles must be approved by our rental partner. The list must be submitted and approved before the bookstore places the bulk orders for textbooks.

Late textbook requisitions will not be eligible for the in-store rental program.

Freight Costs

Late faculty course material information that is received in the weeks just prior to the new semester usually needs to be handled individually, which causes freight expenses to rise dramatically.

New Semester Preparations

All overstock course materials will be returned to the venders during mid-term break each semester in order to make room upcoming semester materials.

Provide Best Service for Students

We work to have course materials available 4-5 weeks before the semester starts, and to provide as much information as possible during registration. Students begin shopping for course materials as soon as the list is posted. Our primary goal is to offer as many choices/services to students as possible in the most timely and economic manner.

Why should my students go through the campus bookstore to obtain course material?

Accuracy. The bookstore maintains the official course materials list and provides stock accordingly based on what you submit.

Convenience. We're on campus, and the bookstore makes every effort to provide competitive prices

Options. Used books, paperbacks, loose leaf, digital, and rental options are all provided when available. 

Refunds. Textbooks are fully refundable during add/drop periods if a course is dropped and materials are in same condition as when purchased.

Local. The bookstore is owned and operated by The College of Wooster and any profits are reinvested in our campus.

Why do I have to submit course materials info each semester when I always use the same materials?

We need to verify that we have the most accurate information for the current semester.

By submitting a new list each semester you have the flexibility to change your request to meet the needs of your course.

How do you determine how many to purchase for each title requested? 

Several factors may impact the quantity ordered. Factors like...

  • Estimated enrollment numbers
  • Sales and enrollment history
  • Sell-through: The measure of how many students in a class historically buy the text.
  • Materials available from alternate sources: Online competition, the number of used copies that students may exchange among themselves, and the choice of rental or digital options.
  • Age of the edition: The longer an edition has been around, the more alternate sources students can find.
  • Rental Eligibility: If it is an in-store rental title, we will need to have more stock on hand.

What if my course doesn't require any traditional materials or textbooks?

Mark "No Course Materials Are Required" on the form or to choose non-traditional course materials such as online resources, library reserves or e-reserves, class handouts, etc.

We include this information on the official course materials list to comply with HEOA requirements.

Why do some textbooks have 10-digit ISBNs and others have 13?

Either number (13 or 10 digit) is acceptable.

13-digit ISBNs are now the industry preferred standard even though the 10-digit numbers are still cross-referenced.

The industry expanded to 13 digits in order to fully align the numbering systems for books with the global GTIN identification system. 

What's the difference between and exam copy and a desk copy?

Publishers provide exam copies for review as possible course material choices.

Desk copies are provide to faculty members who have actually chosen the books for their courses. 

Publishers generally provide these books at not cost; however, these marketing expenses increase course material costs for students.

Read more information about how to obtain desk and exam copies

Still have course materials questions?

  • N/A: Curriculum Services-Marketing Manager
  • N/A: Author Events and Special Orders
  • Loren Tooley: Art Supplies and General Merchandise
  • Joyce Heitger: Copy Center, 330-263-2588
  • N/A: Accounting/Operations
  • N/A: Director of the Bookstore

Please contact the bookstore staff.