Independent Minds, Working Together

Multicultural Student Council

Created in 2012, The Multicultural Student Council at the College of Wooster was initiated to demonstrate the unity among the multicultural student organizations. Throughout the school year, the council collectively works together to promote and engage the campus community in cultural education through programming and discussion. Members of each multicultural student organization holds a seat within the council and is equally represented. Each member within the council meet together on a monthly basis to discuss campus activities, methods of addressing cultural issues on campus, and building partnerships between organizations for future events.


  • African Student Union
  • ASIA
  • Black Student Association
  • CaribConnect
  • International Student Association
  • Men of Harambee
  • Proyecto Latino
  • SeaUs
  • South Asia Committee
  • Student Advocates for Diversity
  • Women of Dene
  • Women of Images