Independent Minds, Working Together
C3 Executive Team

2014-2015 Executive Team from left to right: Elizabeth Hart ('15, an anthropology major from Cumberland, Maine), Heather Skinner ('16, a biochemistry and molecular biology major from Scotts, Michigan), and Wendy Kuzmishin ('16, a biochemistry & molecular biology major Akron, Ohio).


Cross-Cultural Connections (C3)

The C3: Cross-Cultural Connections Program is an organization with a campus wide initiative to provide a meaningful life-time experience for students by broadening their understanding of other cultures and global issues. It serves as an invaluable resource for students of all backgrounds to come together in a safe environment to address the challenges and obstacles that we face as a community.  C3 also celebrates the unique talents and experiences that we all bring as global citizens. Through weekly programs, both self-supported and in cooperation with other on- and off-campus organizations, C3 strives to present information in a friendly, interactive setting that encourages questions and sharing of experiences, while supporting and empowering each other to make change.

Program Goals

  1. to enhance cultural competency, cross-cultural perspectives, and global understanding for C3 participants and the greater college community
  2. to develop and implement programming that puts theory into practice
  3. to develop a community of learners outside the traditional classroom

Program Requirements

C3 members are required to attend at least 25 hours of approved C3 events each year.

2014 - 2015 Executive Team

Students actively design and implement much of the programming, which is coordinated by the C3 student Executive Team. Exec Team members receive 0.5 Practicum Credit, and receive 1/2 credit each semester for their contributions to the program.

Participation in C3 is competitive. Students are required to attend a pre selection orientation session and to submit a written application for residency.

Office Location

 100 Babcock Hall

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