"I have attended innumerable trainings on this topic (I teach in Queer Studies and am the former co-chair of the Society of Lesbian & Gay Anthropologists). As an "insider" of sorts, I was really impressed by the SafeZone Training Wooster offers through CDGE when I took it last Fall. It provided excellent resources about being an ally to students on campus (as well as colleagues), and a wealth of additional information that I have found useful in the classroom, such as exercises for thinking productively about identity that go far beyond sexual orientation & gender identity, questions to get students thinking about (straight) privilege, and a comprehensive list of terminology that are useful in scholarly discussions of gender & sexuality. Although I am the first to admit that such "trainings" are often not the best use of faculty time, I found the three hours I spent with this to be quite useful and hope many of you will as well."

- Christa Craven, Assistant professor of Anthropology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

"I first heard about the Ally Training from one of our students and again from our staff committee. Wanting to become more involved within our campus community, I signed up for the training. The part of the training I found most helpful was the section on terminology. I would like to see another training session developed because the volume of information  is hard to cover in one meeting."

- Dennis Miller, Campus Grounds

"I found the training session was well put together and was relieved that it was a very small group instead of a full "Lecture Hall" session. The interaction between everybody was great. The most useful part I found was learning all the different "Gender Identities" there are in the LGBTQ community. I was always under the impression there was only two, "gay" and "straight." I admit the first time I heard of all of them it was a bit confusing, but after reading the manual over a few times I'm starting to get a grasp of them.  I feel this is a great training session, and I wish that more people on campus would take advantage of this. It has really helped open my eyes to the LGBTQ community and the struggles they face, even in our small "bubble" that is the Wooster campus."

- Raymond Windsor, Campus Grounds

"Thank you for an excellent Safe Zone Ally training session on Tuesday. You did a fantastic job. I appreciated the environment of openness and ease you all fostered for discussion and I hope I can emulate your example in future conversations with peers and students."

-Melissa Young Schultz, Web Communication