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Tour Coordinator


Performs support staff duties requiring a moderate level of decision-making and independence of action that includes all arrangements for both Scot Band and Wooster Chorus spring break tours.

Specific duties are contacting and booking all performance venues for Scot Band and Wooster Chorus spring break tours; arranging for transportation to all venues and destinations; making necessary hotel reservations for directors, tour staff, students, and bus drivers; coordinating with the contact person at each venue to facilitate the organization of student meals and home-stay housing; working with directors, Publications Office, and Alumni Office to coordinate the creation and distribution of all tour publicity materials; posting tour schedules online; and depositing all goodwill offerings that are collected for the Scot Band and Wooster Chorus during and after the tours.

This position includes a high level of off-campus contact that requires well-developed skills in both verbal and written communication as well as excellent attention to detail.

Certification program from college or technical school in office training preferred with 2-5 years related work experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience at a baccalaureate degree college or university is preferred.

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Posted May 1, 2014

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Nancy Ditmer