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Quidditch is the magical sport from Harry Potter, first adapted for muggles by Middlebury in 2006.  Now it is a sport played worldwide organized through the IQA (International Quidditch Association) which even holds a yearly World Cup.  Wooster's Quidditch team, the Scottish Nationals, was founded by Ainslee Robson, Adair Creach, and Blair Heidkamp in January of 2012.  Quidditch is co-ed and is known for being full contact, no other sport comparing to the intensity and excitement.  Starting in the fall of 2012 we now play competitively against other schools in the Midwest region in matches and tournaments.  Our team goals matter just as much on the pitch as well as off, being a supportive and friendly group of individuals. Whether a Harry Potter  fanatic or just looking for a fun sport, Quidditch is your calling.

Contact Information: 

President: Blair Heidkamp

Treasurer: Sarah Van Oss

Vice President: Gillian Spangler

Officer: Emma Kahn

Officer: Haley Austin

Advisor: Dr. Henry Kreuzman

Website: Quidditch Facebook Page