CDI Advisory Board

The CDI Advisory Board is appointed by the College's provost and dean of students and is comprised of faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff members include academic affairs as well as student affairs personnel. One student is selected from the C3 executive committee; the other two are nominated and selected by both the Advisory Board and CDI staff. The students represent a broad constituency and in some cases may be emerging leaders.
The Board is charged with the following:

  1.  Advise the director on proposed programming, annual themes, the schedule of events, activities, and the organization of the CDI;
  2. Provide feedback on the impact and success of the CDI's activities;
  3. Identify, in collaboration with the director, connections between the CDI and the College community, curriculum, academic departments and programs, student life, and College initiatives;
  4. Promote the activities of the CDI on campus, championing the mission and goals of the CDI;
  5. Advance issues on campus that fall within the purview of the CDI's mission and develop productive plans for how to address them; and
  6. As warranted, design and help implement action responses to campus, national, or global incidents pertaining to the mission of the CDI that call for thoughtful engagement.

Advisory Board Members for 2014-2015

Student Representatives:

  • Samara Abdullah ('17 - Atlanta, GA), at large representative
  • Heather Skinner ('16 - Scotts, MI), C3 executive team representative
  • Jahqwahn Watson ('17 - Cleveland, OH), at large representative