Past Events

MLK Events - Spring 2015

January 12 - 20

Fall 2009 – Spring 2014

Social Justice Institute Training

Investigating the Intersections of Race, Sex, and Religion...Creating Change Agents...

Nov 16, 2013: Training by the Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI) and the Washington Consulting Group (WCG) for STUDENT participants
Facilitators: Sam Offer, Monica Rivera.
Training made deeper the level of authentic conversations about and across race, religion and sexExplore the dynamics of intersect of race, religion and sex.Practice the skill of self-awareness as a tool for effective change.Explore and engage internalized oppression and internalized dominance for the purpose of healing and change.Considered next steps for personal learning and actions in order to build an effective and cohesive community.

April 9, 2014: Training for faculty and staff nominated by student participants of the first workshop.
Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington
Training focused on how faculty and staff can empower social justice change.Focus on social justice topics pertaining to faculty/staff in higher education.


Educational Programs


Visual and Performance Art

  • Posing Beauty (2013)
  • Van Jordan, poetry reading in collaboration with the Department of English (2011)
  • Views of Arab America Film Series (2011)
  • Jose Galvez, photographer and speaker (in collaboration with Department of Spanish) (2012)
  • Salgado Maranhao, poet and translater (in collaboration with the Department of English (2012)
  • Posing Beauty in African American Culture in collaboration with the College of Wooster Art Museum (2013)


Community Connections