Worthy Questions

Worthy Questions is a program designed for students who wish to investigate their life's passions. Worthy Questions assists students in integrating personal, professional, and spiritual values by providing tools, models, and a community for reflection. 

Worthy Questions student participants, called Questers, join a thoughtful, connected community of persons interested in engaging big questions - questions 'worthy of the person you can become.' Questers are assigned a mentor with whom they communicate on a one-on-one basis and also participate in monthly large-group sessions and weekly small groups for more in-depth exploration. The time commitment for Worthy Questions is approximately 90 minutes/week for weekly meetings, in addition to a one day-long retreat each semester and get-togethers with individual mentors.

Mentor applications are always welcomed on a rolling basis.

Are you interested in joining the Worthy Questions community? Online applications will be available soon. For more information e-mail.