Douglass Hall

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is designed to support students in a variety of ways. Each residence hall is staffed with trained students who serve as resident assistants and resident directors. Community directors are our student staff who serve as a resource for those who live in Wooster's campus houses. There are also professional staff members who works with each building as an additional layer of support. All of these staff members work to support students and encourage the development of the Wooster community. 

Housing Options

The College of Wooster is a residential community. Students live on campus all four years of their Wooster experience. A variety of housing options are available to students, including traditional residence halls, themed-based housing, campus program houses, and independent student housing options.

Winter Break Housing

Winter break housing is available from Friday, December 16, 2016 - Friday, January 13, 2017 at a cost of $15/day for domestic students or $7/day for international students. Learn more.

Fall & Spring Break Housing

As of Fall Break 2016, both Fall and Spring Breaks will be free of charge to students. No registration required.

Staff will be available in the Residence Life Office during business hours, on-call in the evenings, and walking through the halls should assistance be needed.

Heating Information

Please know that across campus, our Physical Plant works hard to maintain between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit in all of the buildings.

Our Building Automation System constantly reads and records the outside temperature. The heat is generally brought on when the outside temperature reaches 55 degrees. During a typical fall and winter, this temperature works well to keep the building adjusted so it won’t overheat or become too cold. During extended 55-60 degree periods, sometimes the building will cool down more than we would like. If you feel there are issues with the heating in the building do not hesitate to contact facilities.

In order to help the Physical Plant team adequately heat the buildings:

  • Please keep items away from any heating/cooling units. That helps to provide even heating, and prevents your items from becoming damaged by the heat.
  • Work with your roommate if a temperature change is in order- one resident may adjust the thermometer or valve without informing the other residents in the space.
  • This one may seem obvious, but please close your window and give the room the opportunity to warm up. There have been times where staff has checked on a space with concerns of it being cold and found the window(s) open.

Douglass Hall is the only residential facility completely on steam; each room has a valve on the radiator students can adjust.

Bissman, Kenarden and Bornhuetter are fueled by hot water, each room has a valve on the radiator that controls the heat.

In Babcock, Brush, Gault Schoolhouse and Gault Manor there is a thermostat on the wall to adjust the temperature.

Andrews, Stevenson, Armington, Compton, and Wagner are heated by hot water. Each room has a radiator, but no control for the students. The system available at the physical plant adjusts the temperature based on the average temperature of each floor and works to maintain consistent temperatures between floors as closely as possible.

In Luce, student rooms do not have any control, but physical plant can adjust the overall temperature.

Holden, The north and south wings are powered by hot water radiators and the rooms have a valve that can be adjusted to the desired temperature. The main hall, Beall side, is steam heated. Students have a valve on the radiator they can adjust.

All of the houses have their own heating source, and is equipped with a thermostat (typically) located in the living room and works to meet the users preferences.

Should you find that your efforts are still not adequately heating your room, and you would like to take additional steps, window kits are available at the Residence Life Office. Window kits include a plastic covering and tape to adhere the plastic to the wall.  Follow the directions in the window kit for proper installation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the physical plant at 330-263- 1234 Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. for further information. If there are issues with the heat outside of that time frame please contact Security and Protective Services at 330-263-2590.