Damage Billing

The Office of Residence Life assesses Damage Billing at the end of each semester. Damages and Extra Cleaning charges that accumulate during the Fall Semester are assessed in January and charges during the Spring semester are assessed following Move-Out in May. Students may be charged for the following reasons:

  • New damages caused to the students individual housing assignment
  • Unclaimed damages and/or extra cleaning charges within their Hall/House
  • Restitution designated to be paid from a Judicial Sanction
  • Missing Furniture
  • Improper Checkout

Whenever Residence Life receives notification of Damages and/or Extra Cleaning Charges, students in the smallest community to which the damage can be traced are notified and given an opportunity to either take responsibility or inform Residence Life who is responsible. When responsibility is not taken by anyone, the charge is split between all members of the community.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Billing

  • Confront community members and guests about inappropriate behavior to decrease the occurrence of senseless vandalism.
  • Speak up. When an act of vandalism is observed, the information should be brought immediately to the attention of SPS & Residence Life. In virtually all incidents of vandalism, there are individuals who have observed the actual incident or know others who did. Community members should not tolerate others who choose to allow the group to suffer for their actions.
  • Residence Life should be consulted during the year to check the status of any damages.
  • Residents should assist the Residence Life Staff in strategizing ways to address the damages.
  • All pre-existing conditions and damages to the room should be documented in specific terms on the RCR during check-in.
  • Nails should not be hammered into the walls. Staples shouldn't be stapled into the walls.
  • All residues should be carefully removed from walls and doors prior to departure.
  • All problems in your room or apartment should be reported at move in, so that a work order can be filed with the Service Center.
  • Rooms, apartments, and public areas of houses should be left in the condition that they were found.