The College of Wooster owns 30 on campus houses that are used to house upperclass students. Student apply to live in one of three different types of houses; Campus Program Houses, Charter Houses and Wooster Volunteer Network (WVN) Houses. Occupancy in houses ranges from 4 to 20+ students.

House Floor Plans 

Floor plans (.pdf) for all college owned houses are now available online. Floor plans include the room number and the occupancy of the room. Square footage for specific rooms are not available.

Campus Program Houses

Campus Program Houses are groups of students connected by some student organization, on campus group or other on campus initiative and they provide programming or services to the College of Wooster Campus. One example of a previous Campus Program House is Common Grounds which serves as an on campus coffee shop completely run by students.

Charter Houses

Charter houses are historic programs with strong ties to minority constituencies on campus and in the community. The Men of Harambee and Women of Images are both Charter houses.

Wooster Volunteer Network (WVN) Houses

WVN houses work with the Wooster Volunteer Network to provide service to an outside agency in the greater Wooster Community. Each student is required to provide eight hours of service per month to that agency. 4 Paws For Ability where students help train service dogs is an example of a WVN House.