Alternative Voices: Publications from the Wooster Archives

Andrews Library Special Collections
August 1 – October 7, 2022

This exhibit features alternative publications from The College Archives Collection.

In a setting that fosters critical thinking and independence, it is no surprise that, over the years, students have found many ways to make their voices heard. In the 1960s, The Thorn and Shaft were published by students as counterpoints to the traditional literary magazine, The Thistle. Even the long-running student newspaper, The Wooster Voice, publishes an April Fools’ Day issue, The Wooster Vice, that targets campus policy, traditions, and the administration.

From the high-end literary magazine format to the more contemporary xeroxed zine format, students have voiced opinions, shared poetry, and lampooned via cartoons. Alternative publications document shifting campus attitudes during times of larger cultural change and are an important part of our campus history.

Special arrangements can be made for small groups to view additional works from these collections. For more information, contact Denise Monbarren (ext. 2527).

Posted in Library Announcement on July 27, 2022.