In Their Own Words: Diaries & Journals from the College Archives

Photograph of materials from the special collections exhibit "In Their Own Words"

Andrews Library Special Collections
March 27 – May 15, 2023

This exhibit features a selection of journals, diaries, and correspondence from the College Archives Collection, the Walter T. Secor Collection, the Edward C. Arn Collection, and the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection.

Highlighted are the memoirs of Wooster alumni, faculty, and staff who document their experiences at home and abroad as scholars, teachers, soldiers, and travelers.

Selections from our Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection include autobiographical accounts of an early gold prospector, Maria Graham’s early nineteenth-century adventures in Chile and Brazil (1822-1823), and an inscribed first edition of Salvador Dali’s Diary of a Genius.

The exhibit is available for viewing Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Special arrangements can be made to view additional works from our collections.  For more information, contact Denise Monbarren (ext. 2527).


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