Neuroscience-psychology major extends health coach experience with APEX Fellowship

Lindsi Filippi ’24, a neuroscience-psychology major and biology minor at The College of Wooster from Pickerington, Ohio, spent the summer engaged in an APEX Fellowship through Wooster Community Hospital. While working as a health coach, she was trained to provide care to patients at their homes . The mentorship she received from Grit Herzmann, associate professor of psychology and department chair of neuroscience, and Chris Barnes, a trained nurse, improved her ability to provide routine care to patients, communication skills, and time management skills.

“Every day I met patients at their houses to fill medicine boxes, take vital signs, and help with any acute problems while I was there.”
— Lindsi Filippi ’24

How did you learn about the internship opportunity for your APEX Fellowship?

“I am a health coach during the school year, and I learned from one of my health coach friends that it was possible to be one during the summer. This position was a good fit for me because I love creating strong bonds with patients, and I could work with so many more patients compared to during the semester.”

What interests you most about the work you did? What were some of the things you did each day?

“I am interested in getting hands-on patient care. Every day I meet patients at their houses to fill medicine boxes, take vital signs, and help with any acute problems while I am there.”

Who was your fellowship mentor and how did they help you to succeed in this position?

“My mentors were Dr. Grit Herzmann and Chris Barnes. Dr. Herzmann provided me with an outlet to talk through anything I was struggling with for the summer and helped me think of solutions. Chris was the nurse that I was in constant communication with about my patients. She answered any questions I had so I could provide my patients with the best care.”

What are some skills you’ve learned that you see yourself carrying forward in your career?

“I have improved my communication, time management skills, and important interpersonal skills. These will help me in my future career as a doctor.”

How has the internship helped you to see what’s next for you?

“This internship has strengthened my hope to become a doctor because I enjoy visiting and helping all my patients.”

Posted in Experiential Learning on August 11, 2023.

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