During the school year, transportation is provided to and from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the Akron-Canton Airport. Please visit the Dean of Students shuttle page and carefully review the Frequently Asked Questions below before making your reservation.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Airport Shuttle

When are airport shuttles offered for students? 

  • Move In/Move out
  • Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break

Specific dates and information will be sent via email to all students and will be made available on the Dean of Students shuttle web page.

How much does it cost?

Each shuttle ticket costs $20.

Will I receive a physical ticket?

You will not receive a physical ticket but your name will be on a list when you check-in at the bus.

How do I pay for the shuttle?

Your Wooster student account will be charged $20.

Is there a deadline to sign up?

Yes! You must sign up by the deadline so proper transportation can be arranged for each shuttle time. This is also the deadline to make any changes to your shuttle reservation.

When is the last day I can change my shuttle time?

  • Generally, the deadline is about one (1) week before shuttles begin. It will be listed on the email sent to students by Scot Council and on the Airport Shuttle website.

Who do I contact if I have a flight delay?

Contact the Dean of Students Office at dos@wooster.edu.

What if I miss my shuttle due to a flight delay?

Contact the Dean of Students Office at dos@wooster.edu.

What if I simply miss my shuttle (not related to a flight delay)?

Contact the Dean of Students Office at dos@wooster.edu to see if there is room on a different airport shuttle if one is provided.

How do I know it is the Wooster shuttle?

Vans and/or buses will be clearly marked with College of Wooster on them.

Is there a check-in process?

Scot Council representatives will be present at the shuttle pickup area to check all students in by scanning their COW Card.

Do I need to show a COW card when I get to the shuttle?

Yes, your COW card is required to ride on the shuttle to/from the airport. It is needed for check-in.

Are there walk-ons if I don’t plan ahead of time and reserve a spot?

No walk-ons are permitted.

How many bags can I take on the shuttle?

2 bag limit for domestic students, no limit for international students.