Activism & Social Change

Activism and Social Change

Do you want to change the world, but aren’t sure where to begin? Or are you already engaged in activism and want to expand your skills and knowledge? This pathway gives students room to explore the histories and theories of activism and social change movements, the skills required to organize people for social change, and knowledge of the legal, governmental, and economic systems relevant to understanding and participating in efforts to create a more just and equitable world.

Students who choose this pathway may develop knowledge and skills in many of these areas: 

  • Histories and theories of activism and social movements 
  • Legal issues and frameworks 
  • Skills for organizing, promoting, and mobilizing direct actions in public spaces 
  • Collaboration skills necessary for coalition building and community outreach 
  • Strategies for communicating and expressing issues to a larger public 
  • Working with diverse communities and constituencies 
  • Communication skills through multiple formats (performing arts, art, media, and social media) 
  • Grassroots organizing skills 
  • Understanding political systems 
  • Grant writing and fundraising 

Students on this pathway might consider careers in political organizing or campaign work, nonprofit work, or advocacy. They might become artists, writers, campus chaplains, politicians, civil rights lawyers, or theatre professionals. Whether you’re new to activism or already focused on specific social change goals, this pathway is adaptable to a wide range of experiences and backgrounds regarding social change and is designed to help you refine your plans for work during and after college.