Data Exploration and Communication

Data Exploration and Communication

Data is everywhere – but it doesn’t speak for itself. Too often, decision-makers overlook or ignore data-driven insights because no one tells the data’s story. Students in this pathway will bridge the gap between data analysis and communication, learning to gather, understand, and visualize various forms of data to solve problems and inform real-world decision-making. 

The Data Exploration and Communication Pathway helps students explore the wide-ranging applications of data science, practice skills to collect and analyze data, and gain knowledge of the techniques used to effectively communicate insights for making data-driven decisions and solving real-world problems. 

Students who choose this pathway will develop knowledge and skills in these areas: 

  • Statistical analysis and experimental design 
  • Data collection and interpretation 
  • Skills in programming, computing, and modelling 
  • Strategies for communicating and visualizing data insights 
  • Analytical decision-making 
  • Practical applications of data science and applied technology 

Students on this pathway might go into public policy, business, research, or journalism. They might also become analysts, consultants, designers, engineers, developers, managers, scientists, or reporters. Whether you’re new to data science or already working toward "big data” goals, this pathway is adaptable to a wide range of student interests and life aspirations and is designed to help you gain confidence and feel empowered in your data science knowledge and skills during and after college.