Digital and Visual Storytelling


Storytelling is at the heart of human experience. In the Digital and Visual Storytelling Pathway, students will explore the powerful role that digital and visual media play in helping to tell stories and learn to use various tools to that end. Students will cultivate skills of digital and visual storytelling, examine theories and methods of creative and ethical digital storytelling, and explore career opportunities in digital and visual media.

Students in this pathway will gain experience using digital tools and visual production methods while exploring different elements of digital and visual culture. Through thoughtful combination of coursework, experiential learning, and reflection, students will learn to be critical producers of visual and digital texts and understand theories and methodologies of media processes and contexts.  

Students who choose this pathway will develop knowledge and skills in these areas: 

  • analysis and interpretation of multiple sources of information 
  • digital & visual tools of production, communication, and reception 
  • politics and ethics of communicating with images and texts 

Students on this pathway might go into journalism, business, research, or the arts. They might become data analysts, web designers, writers, or reporters (for television, internet, or print media), and more. This pathway is adaptable to a wide range of student interests and aspirations and is designed to help you gain confidence and feel empowered in your storytelling abilities.