2015-2016 Inductees

PBK Prize Winner 2016

Madeleine Grace O’Neill is a major in Political Science from Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Her Senior Independent Study thesis is entitled “Microaggressions, Trigger Warnings, and the Fight to Redefine Free Speech: An Analysis of the Judiciary’s Response to Campus Speech Codes Through Liberal and Communitarian Perspectives.” This project seeks to understand the legal and moral implications of free speech rights for university faculty and students in the contentious political environment of the 21st Century. The Editor-in-Chief of the Wooster Voice from 2014-2016, Madeleine is also the captain of the nationally renowned College of Wooster Moot Court team. A member of the team for the past three years, Madeleine has won a number of Moot Court awards at both the regional and national levels, including a first place finish at the Great Lakes Moot Court Regional Tournament, a fourth place finish at the national American Collegiate Moot Court Association Brief Writing Competition, and reaching the quarterfinals at the national American Collegiate Moot Court Association competition. Madeleine finished her undergraduate moot court career with the John D. Fackler Debate Award for the most effective debater at the College of Wooster. Following graduation, Madeleine will be employed as a courts reporter for the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pennsylvania, covering county, district, and federal court cases.

Members of Class of 2016 Inducted Last Year
Emily Lynne Baird Matthew Aaron Loberg Dana Anastasia Stamos
Kiera Wynsum Dobbs James Edward May Benjamin Bradley Taylor
Nicholas Martin Flannery Madeleine Grace O’Neill Michael Joseph Williams
Maggie Erin Lankford Lena Grace Smith  
Class of 2016 Inductees
Kristin Marie Allan Logan Lorayne Honea Paroma Palchoudhuri
Masha Miriam Berman Eric Thomas Hubbard Jennifer Marie Pilat
Caroline Grace Breul Carly Alexandra Joliat Brittany Allison Previte
Clare Therese Carlson Sarah Emily Kendrick William Frederick Rial
Anna Claire Claspy Robin Susannah Klaus* Jade Lee Robison
Sheamus Gregory Dalton Marissa Morgan Kobylas Natalie Renee Shreeve
Emily Cathleen Donato Rachel Laura Lorch* Jordan Elizabeth Shremshock*
Kristen Erin Estabrook Amy Louise Melena Ke Song
Kathryn Ann Foster Kieran Rose Mundy Gillian Kathryn Spangler
Abigail Leanne Frank Emma Woods Nathanson Sarah Elizabeth Van Oss*
Anjela Janai Galimberti Jonathan Edward Nutt Angela Marie Wiley
Tess Alexandra Henthorne    

* indicates a student elected as a Junior

Class of 2017 Inductees
Makenzie Julia Adkins Sanjana Kumbhani† Helen Grace Siegel
Ginelle Ann Doerr† Angelo Joseph Melari Herbert Joseph Housel Sizek
Alexandra Rose Elchert Ransom Lewis Patterson† Harrison Michael Uhall
Leandra Suzanne Forte Thang Ba Pham† Gina Brooke Williamson
Caroline Leigh Heyd Preston Bryce Pozderac Michael Spengler Wolff
Hannah Marie Hicks Haley Anne Rossiter  
Emily Ann Howerton Laura Ashley Sherer  

†indicates a student who will be inducted as a Senior