Commencement Requirements

To be graduated from The College of Wooster, a student must complete all College requirements and all requirements in the major, have a minimum of 32 courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher, and be in good standing under the Codes of Academic Integrity and Social Responsibility as administered through the judicial system of the College.

Students who have completed eight semesters of college-level coursework, including at least 16 College of Wooster courses, and who have met the College’s degree requirements will be awarded the appropriate degree at the next scheduled Commencement. Grade point averages at the time of graduation will be recorded on the permanent transcript. Records of any courses taken at Wooster subsequent to graduation will appear on the transcript, but grades will not affect the grade point average at the time of graduation.

Students who finish degree requirements mid-year or in absentia must confirm their status for graduation and intentions for the May Commencement in writing with the Registrar by February 1.

Students shall be able to participate in a Commencement ceremony if:

  • they have completed all graduation requirements, or
  • the anticipated completion date of all graduation requirements falls within the same calendar year as the May ceremony (i.e., a viable academic plan is in place for the student to complete all degree requirements by December of the same year as the Commencement exercise). In such instances, neither degrees nor Latin Honors (if applicable) will be conferred until all graduation requirements have been met.
  • (for students engaged in an approved dual degree program)…they are making satisfactory progress in their post-Wooster program. Such students may participate in Commencement exercises with the rest of their entering class. Appropriate documentation, such as transcripts, must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office to verify that the student is making satisfactory progress. The Wooster degree will not be conferred until the terms of agreements for the dual-degree program have been completed.

Additional notes about Commencement and the Commencement exercise:

  • Students may only participate in one commencement exercise.
  • Participation in the Commencement exercise is not equivalent to graduating from the College.
  • When all requirements are not completed by the date of the exercise, The Commencement program will include a notation that the student has not yet completed the degree.
  • Any exceptions to these policies must be approved through petition to the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement.