Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Music

32 courses are required for graduation, subject to restrictions on residency, fractional credit, transfer credit, and course load. Except where noted, individual courses may be counted toward multiple requirements.

First-Year Seminar in Critical Inquiry (1 course)

Students will complete the First-Year Seminar in Critical Inquiry in their first semester.

Writing Requirement (1-2 courses)

  • Students will demonstrate basic writing proficiency in their first year through placement examination or completion of the College Writing Tutorial.
  • Students will complete a course designated as Writing Intensive (W) in any semester between the completion of the First-Year Seminar and the beginning of Junior Independent Study.

Foreign Language (1-2 courses)

Students will demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through the second-level course in a given language sequence, through placement examination or course work.

Studies in Cultural Difference (1 course)

Students will complete a course (C) that examines either a culture outside the United States or the culture of an American minority group (e.g., African American, Asian American, Hispanic or Latino American, Native American). Courses may be taught in English or in a foreign language.

Religious Perspectives (1 course)

Students will complete a course (R) from any department or program that examines the religious dimension of humankind in relation to issues of cultural, social, historical, or ethical significance.

Note: A student may not use the same course in fulfillment of both the Studies in Cultural Difference requirement and the Religious Perspectives requirement.

Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)

Students will demonstrate basic quantitative proficiency through completion of a course (Q) that involves a substantial element of quantitative reasoning.

Non-Music Electives (0-5 courses)

Independent Study (3 courses)—see below

Learning in the Major (24 courses, including Independent Study)

A. Performance Major

B. Composition Major and Theory/Composition Major

C. Music Therapy