Student Funding for Conference Travel

Wooster supports student research in a variety of ways, including support for travel to present research at conferences and to explore career and vocational opportunities.

Funding is limited and we know that conference attendance can be expensive! Students are encouraged to pursue options to reduce costs - such as coordinating travel and lodging with other College of Wooster students, taking advantage of undergraduate student discounts when available, or volunteering a few hours at the conference, if appropriate. The Council for Undergraduate Research also provides some travel awards. If you choose the appropriate division, you can search for relevant Student Travel Awards.

Students may also apply for funding from the following sources at the College (sometimes more than one, if applicable). See eligibility requirements for each below. If you have questions, please contact Krista Martin (

Student Travel Fund For Conference Participation

This fund is primarily designed to offset student expenses for presentations at professional and scholarly meetings. Funding is limited, and typical awards are between $100 and $500. Eligible expenses include travel to and from the conference site, conference registration fees, and lodging (room and taxes only). The cost of meals cannot be covered. Students in any major or class year may apply, though Juniors and Seniors presenting on I.S. research at a conference may consider applying for Copeland Funding for this purpose (see below).

Students who wish to attend a conference for professional/leadership development and/or career exploration may also request funding from the Student Travel Fund for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Student Travel Fund applications will be reviewed by the Dean of Faculty Development and APEX staff at the following times during the academic. Limited funding will be available at each round to accommodate students presenting throughout the year.

  • Round 1 - Due September 13
  • Round 2 - Due November 19
  • Round 3 - Due February 3

The application will requires the following:

  • Cost estimates for expenses such as conference registration, airfare, hotel, etc. These expenses are considered as we award funding.
  • Statement of support from an on campus mentor (link provided in application)

Student Travel Fund Application

Students will receive notification of funding by email. Funds are processed by reimbursement. Students should submit original receipts, along with a copy of the conference program listing them as a presenter, to Krista Martin within 30 days of the conference. Additionally, students should submit 3 - 4 photographs of their participation and a one page reflection paper.

Copeland Fund For Independent Study

The intent of the Copeland Fund is to enhance the I.S. experience by providing for unique or remarkable aopportunities not normally available to students - including funding for registration at a major conference specific to an I.S. topic. Students may only receive Copeland Funding once, so you may wish to include conference funding in a larger request (i.e., the purchase of supplies or equipment and/or to subsidize travel to conduct research that will enhance your I.S. project).

Copeland funds are available for seniors enrolled in Senior Independent Study (I.S. 451) or for rising seniors who will be working over the summer on their Senior I.S. projects. During the application process you will be asked to: describe your senior project, explain how assistance from the Copeland Fund will aid in the successful completion of your project, and provide an estimate of your proposed expenses from the fund. The application will require a statement from your I.S. advisor. For more detailed information and proposal due dates, please visit the Copeland Fund page.